it’s soo cold that my balls are shriveled up… you’re fingers after they’ve been in the bathtub too long
1 year ago
Watch out for this one……he’ll stab you in the back for fun…….watch out for this one…..he’ll pump you full of lead for turning your head wrong

— Kurt Vile, On Tour

1 year ago
making up for lost time, ain’t making up for much at all………..people say I’m to blame, I guess I think it’s a shame, but I don’t care

— kurt vile, he’s alright

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Society is my friend, it makes me lie down in a cold blood bath

— Kurt Vile, Society Is My Friend

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and although he’d not accept, she was gone and so he wept, then a demon came to him, “you must know, I’m gonna win”

— Mad Season, Lifeless Dead

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Mother, do you think she’s good enough for me? Mother, do you think she’s dangerous to me? Mother, will she tear your little boy apart? Mother, will she break my heart?

— Pink Floyd, Mother

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What the hell did I just watch? Is there a deep hidden message I’m missing? LOL

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If I had possession, over judgment day, Lord, the little woman I’m lovin’ wouldn’t have no right to pray………I didn’t like the way she done…..I said in my mind “your trouble gonna come some day”….now run here, baby, set down on bended knee, I wanna tell you all about the way they treated me

— If I Had Possession Over Judgment Day - Robert Johnson

1 year ago
I’m hungry and the hunger will linger…garbage in garbage out, she’s getting what she wants…If I get busy then I couldn’t care less what you do, but when I’m by myself I think of nothing else than if a boy just might be getting through and touching you…….force fed, forced meds ‘till I drop dead, you can’t defeat her, when you meet her you’ll get what I said, and lord knows there’s a method to her madness, but the lord’s jokes is a boat in a sea of sadness….and I’m solo rowing

— sixteen saltines- jack white

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